Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Starting at Moulton Equestrian Centre - Molly Baxter

I started working at Moulton Equestrian Centre in May this year as a rehabilitation groom and so far I have already learnt so much!

I came to Moulton straight from university where I achieved a BSc Hons degree in Equine Performance Science. Whilst studying, I worked at a rehabilitation centre, with use of an aqua treadmill and solarium; it was here that my interest for therapy started to grow. My most memorable moment was having an event horse come in for fitness after an injury. The horse was told by vets that it would never be able to compete again however, after coming to us he was back out competing and fighting fit within 6 months! This was when I decided that therapy and rehabilitation was the area I felt most passionate about!

Once I got the job here at Moulton Equestrian Centre, I was eager to start and therefore finished off my degree whilst working! It was nerve racking to start with, getting into an already established routine and way of doing things but I soon settled in and started meeting regular clients as well as introducing new ones to the centre! The bit I found most tricky was learning about all of the maintenance which is required to keep the therapy centre in working order. Things such as water testing and chemically balancing the water, hoovering the pool and back washing filter tanks took a little longer to get to grips with!

I am looking forward to my time here at Moulton and hope to welcome more inpatients and new clients.  Caring for inpatients is something I really enjoy as I get to see them progress, whether their stay is long or short term. I also tend to build quite a bond with the horses due to being their very own personal groom!

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