Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Jiminy Cricket's Case Study

Therapy Case Study

Jiminy Cricket (IRE)
Jim to his friends!
NH Racehorse

Jim Gordon

Simon West

Bruising in his feet meant that all over-ground work for Jim was halted on Veterinary advice and he would therefore be confined to box rest for two months!  Jim’s trainer Simon started to investigate swimming as an option to help keep him fit during this period of non-concussive work, and that’s how Jim came to stay with us at Moulton College Equine Therapy Centre.

Considering Jim was not allowed to do any concussive work, he was stabled on the Therapy Yard in the box nearest to the Therapy Centre.  This meant that Jim had only a very short controlled walk on concrete (about 20 strides) before reaching the softer rubber floor of the Therapy Centre.  On Day 1 the plan was to ensure that Jim could swim and ensuring that he had a positive first experience, as we like to do with all the horses on their first visit to the Centre.  It took about 40 minutes of gentle coaxing and persuasion before Jim took his first tentative steps into the water, down the ramp and into the pool.  And what do you know; he was a great swimmer!  On day 1, he swam about 10 lengths, and as he took to it all in his stride.

We developed Jim’s programme in accordance with trainer Simon West. At home
Simon likes to keep the same programme for 5 days in order have a comparison. So that is exactly how Jim’s program was designed while staying with us.  We could then have a direct comparison of Jim’s heart rates week on week, to assess how much to increase his programme. By Jim’s 8th week here he was totalling 40 lengths. This incorporated straight warm up lengths, back to back lengths and sprint lengths. Towards the end of Jim’s time with us we also turned the jets on within the pool, creating a current which he had to swim against making his programme more intense.

Jim stayed with us for 8 weeks in total swimming 5 times per week. After leaving us, Jim travelled home and the next day went straight back onto the gallops for a canter. Feedback from Simon was that Jim felt great and looked ‘a million dollars’!

Jim’s owners and trainers believe Jim is a very special horse and so do we!  We wish him and all of his team the very best of luck and hope to see Jim winning his races very soon!

UPDATE Jim’s first race back was in Newcastle on the 14th April! He was entered into the Novice Hurdle over 2m4f.

 ‘I couldn't be happier at the way Jimmy returned for his spell @ Moulton Equine Centre. I was kept fully updated the whole time he was away and the Team liaised with me on Jimmy's training program while he was there. 
Jimmy's return to the racetrack would not have been possible if it wasn't for them’ - Simon West.

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