Friday, 1 June 2018

Lottie - Rehabilitation Case Study - Caution - Graphic Photos of Injury

Therapy Case Study

All rounder

Unfortunately while Lottie was out on loan she became tangled in barbed wire and sustained a large soft tissue injury to her nearside hind leg. Luckily there was no damage to the joint or underlying tendon and ligament structures.

Treatment in the first instance was to immobilise the limb and clean it. This was done at the yard by the local vet. The wound was then dressed and monitored by the vet every 3 days while Lottie was on a long term course of antibiotics and pain relief. 

Lottie arrived at Moulton Therapy Centre on the 14th April, five weeks after injury. The dressing was removed after a couple of days and we started to cold hose and hand walk Lottie three times per day; as well as liberally applying Vulketan cream. Over time, her course of antibiotics and pain relief was tapered, ensuring that she was always as comfortable as possible. 

Treatment of Lottie’s wound is still ongoing however by the 4th week of Lottie’s stay with us the wound had nearly halved in size (photo from May 23rd ) and continued to heal extremely well.

From week 5, Lottie was able to be have all day turnout and was far more comfortable since the swelling had reduced significantly and was much more localised to the site of injury.

Lottie returned home last weekend and is now back to being turned out with her friends.

Once the wound has fully closed Lottie’s owner intends to bring her back to stay with us, so that she can use the aqua treadmill in order to regain strength and condition before returning to ridden work. 

As a yard favourite and given her fantastic rate of progress we are very much looking forward to seeing Lottie soon!

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